The brave torc

Thursday 26 March 2015

How's it going?

This week, as always, I spread my time pretty good: I  went into the blog ready to write a post, but then I came up with the idea of including an individual link in each post for redirecting from english version to spanish one and vice versa... And I worked on it, and now you can read this same post in spanish by clicking in the "Leer este post en español" you can see in the top right.

Then I noticed the mobile version wasn't configured... And I worked on it, and now you can read from your cell phone quickly and comfortably.

Today I remembered I was going to write a post two days ago, and I finally worked on it!

"Dewrder" Torc -SOLD-

The truth is I shouldn't write too much (I have a stand just around the corner and a bunch of pending custom orders), so... What do you think about my new torc, "Dewrder"? ^^

~ Nee shitteru...? ~ 
"Dewrder" means "courage" in Welsh.

Full dark, no stars

Wednesday 11 March 2015

How's it going?

All artists are supposed to go through several stages along their lives... I don't know if I'm an artist, but I know the name of my current stage (because it's clear I'm going through a stage): "Full dark, no stars", like the Stephen King book.

It must be said, blame it on the onyx coloured patina for metal I bought about two months ago, that once you ink something you need to ink everything in sight...

"The shining city below the sea" Set -SOLD-