New creations, vol.18

Thursday 26 February 2015

How's it going?

Some of you already know my old story: damn the job that "feeds me" because it doesn't leave me any free time to do what I like; I wish I would do what I like all the time so I wouldn't have to depend on my damn job because that would be enought to "feed me".

The only thing which encourages me is realizing whatever it happens I still have the willingness to do what I like; I still wake up with new ideas and projects in mind, I still feel able to sit down and create.

And to reinventing, too.

For instance, do you remember my "Código QR" necklaces?
Well, now you have it in magnet format for the fridge ;)

"QR" magnets -SOLD-

Tristan & Iseult

Friday 6 February 2015

How's it going?

Although slowly, I'm underway again. And even I have no time for doing everything I want to do, I picked up the pace immediately (incoming idea, take note, search for pieces, try out, ooak!)

This time, another torc-shaped bracelet, "Petit-Crû":

"Petit-Crû" bracelet -SOLD-