A cauldron of Forest

Thursday 28 August 2014

How's it going?

I've always been fascinated by pine cones. And ivy, and dragonflies, and moss...

Maybe I fell in a cauldron of forest when I was a little girl... Or maybe the everlasting holidays of my childhood in my mother's village (in northern Spain, by the High Aragon) influenced me more than I can imagine.

I remember sunny mornings playing with branches-made bows on the stone town square; noons under the shade of old trees, "fishing" young trouts by hand on the shores of an icy river; evenings behind the nonexistent walls of a forgotten cemetery, reconquered by ears of wheat; nights strolling around lost paths full of wild blackberries, cattails and frogs...

Anyway, as I said, pine cones rocks!
Hence "Wood's gift", a simple necklace in bronze tone with a pine cone as a pendant:

"Wood's gift" necklace -SOLD-

What better way to worship the woods? ^^


Thursday 21 August 2014

How's it going?

Take a good look at the title of this post... What? No, I'm not out of my head yet
It's only a play on words: what's the opposite to "traditional"? "Lanoitidart"! >_<

You know how I like unusual and original creations... So when someone says "I love duck-billed platypus!" or "I want a Cthulhu on my wedding", it's virtually impossible to me to stop gears of imagination (that and some tea and sweets, pfff! I keep on going for a while!)

The design for this special commision, for instance, was showered by cinnamon tea and chocolate pie:

"Steampunkthuloide" choker for Yolanda Murcielagosa -OUT OF STOCK-
"Steampunkthuloide" earrings for Yolanda Murcielagosa -OUT OF STOCK-

Lady of the Lake

Wednesday 13 August 2014

How's it going?

Today's piece it's inspired in one of those "myths and legends" we've all ever heard of: the Lady of the Lake.

"Lady of the Lake" necklace -SOLD-

Tree-hugger costume jewelry

Thursday 7 August 2014

How's it going?

Recycle, reuse, reduce.
I'm sure you already know about this eco-mantra: many of us decided to incorporate the 3Rs rule in our day to day time ago.

Personally I try to keep it in mind at all times, so much that one person I know has jeered me sarcastically on more than one occasion "you tree-hugger!"... Expression, by the way, it has always seemed to me more like a compliment than an offense.

And according to my view, some of you will agree with me, everything or almost everything in this world has at least one re-use... including jewelry!

I give you an example: the torc "Tutiab".

"Tutiab" Torc -SOLD-