Other services


Do you like an ooak but you think it's bigger or smaller than you need?
Did you see on the blog an ooakraft you like but it's no longer available?
Do you have in mind what you want, but you didn't see anything like it among my creations?

>>> Contact me and ask for a custom order <<<

I could create a new ooak or design again an out of stock one just for you; I could give you some ideas and show you different options so the final outcome comes as close as possible to suit your tastes.

Do you have any unused or thrown away costume jewelry?
Change it for an ooakraft!

I take necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair clips, loose beads... as long as they are recyclable or convertible. Depending on the pieces you offer me, I will make a prior appraisal of your contribution and I will offer you some of my creations.

If you preffer, you can "save" the bartering amount (based on the offered ooaks original price) in order to exchange it as a voucher in a higher-value piece on my Etsy shop. Just ask me! ;)

Shipping costs shall be divided: you will take care of the ones about the pieces you want to change and I will take care about the ones of the ooakraft you choose.