Take care of your ooaks


For your new piece of jewelry last much longer, apply a light layer of clear nail polish or top coat over the entire metal surface (NEVER over leather or leatherette, cotton yarn, glass or gems).

In addition, you should keep your pieces in a jewelry box, a closed wooden box or a cloth pouch.
Continuous exposure to light, air and dust can damage your pieces much faster than you think. If you keep them properly they will last you as new much longer!

SPECIAL TIP: Silver tarnishes and blackens because the moisture in the air. To avoid it, place a silica gel pack on your jewelry box. Your silver jewelry will keep clean and shiny.
Avoid water contact. Painted, metallic or glued elements could be damaged if they get wet. Try to keep them dry to retain their original brightness and color.

Avoid bumps and knocks. All parts, especially those made with clay or glass are fragile. If they fall to the ground or suffer a strong impact, they could break. Don't mistreat them!


Clean your costume jewelry pieces after each use by wiping them with a clean cloth.

Every two or three months, rub them with a soft brush in warm water and neutral soap and dry them with a soft cloth. Parts containing leather or leatherette, cotton yarn or similar, glass or gems would be dry-cleaned with bicarbonate to prevent spoil this nonmetallic materials.


With bicarbonate: Dampen a soft cloth, sprinkle some baking soda on it and rub gently the surface of the piece. Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth. It works perfectly as an ecological alternative to silver polish.

With effervescent aspirins: Put an effervescent aspirin in a glass of water, let it dissolve and then shove the piece to brighten. Let it work about 5-10 min. and then rub it with a clean cloth.

With cleansing water: Rub the entire piece with a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover and let dry. The piece will regain its brightness automatically.


You can repair rusty or age-worn costume jewelry pieces by applying some nail polish in a similar colour to that of the piece in question. Once dry, protect it with a layer of clear nail polish or top coat.

IDEA: You can change the color of the piece with this method if you apply the polish in the colour you prefer instead of the original color.

The coverages of some cameos and other painted or lacquered pieces tend to blur by moisture or direct contact with the sun: paint them with a thin layer of clear nail polish to restore the original transparency.