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It's the main section of the blog,
where I publish my weekly posts with new pieces and tutorials.
More info about Custom orders and Bartering.
Redirects to my online Etsy shop,
where you can buy my ooaks or order a custom one.
Section on Ooak Craft discount codes, gift vouchers and promotions.
Some free tips for looking after your ooaks and all your costume jewelry.
Here you can leave your comments and suggestions.
You can comment with your name or as anonymous (without signing up), or signing up with your Google account (including Gmail and Hotmail), LiveJournal, Wordpress, Typepad and AIM.
E-mail and contact form for any request, question or suggestion.


The piece is for sale on Etsy. 
In order to buy it online, click on the corresponding caption link.

The piece is out of stock.
If you want to order a similar one, email me.

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