New creations, vol.16

Thursday 31 July 2014

How's it going?

Had you ever heard about bindis?

"Fire Bindis" -UNAVAILABLE-

The bindi, whose literal translation is "drop" or "point" in Sanskrit, is an Indian motif usually placed on the forehead, right between the eyes.

This area is considered by Tantrists as "the home of the hidden wisdom"; the bindi, or "third eye" helps retain energy emanating from this chakra and promotes concentration.

Over time this motif has become used by outsiders more like facial decoration element as a spiritual symbol...

Deep protection

Thursday 24 July 2014

How's it going?

These days, after passing the stand of the Undead dark club, I've dedicated myself to mend my messy work corner. And I say "messy" not because it's damaged, but because it seems that it has been destroyed by a sharknado: pieces around, commissions there, beads, sketches, half finished ooaks...

Like it's impossible no one clarifies this way, I leave you here a strange design to keep you busy decrypting it while I put this mess in order: the "Elder One" necklace.

"Elder One" necklace -SOLD-

New creations, vol.15

Thursday 17 July 2014

How's it going?

This weekend we go for a Cuélebre concert with crafts stand in Barcelona... As you can guess, between the selection of pieces to carry I must do, the orders, the international orders and my other costume jewelry issues I've no time to breathe U_U

And is that I'm always adding tasks to my long to-do list: making photos of all remaining ooaks I want to show you, renewing my cracked displays, changing the labels for the new ones with the current logo, doing more ooaks...

But as everything can't be done at same time, I'll start briefly shortening the list of "not shown ooaks" with a new creation: the "Aurora (boreal)" rosary (this name has a dual meaning in spanish when "Dawn rosary", a Christian term, becomes "Northern lights rosary", a pagan term).

"Aurora (boreal)" rosary -SOLD-

Wisdom pills

Wednesday 9 July 2014

How's it going?

It's summer and it's hot; most of you are on holiday, and... Well, we aren't here for nonsenses. In the end, it's time to enjoy the sun and unwind...

But Ooak☥Craft never sleeps! (not as much as I would like -___-U) So, one more week, I bring you small wisdom pills, this time hidden in a torc and a rigid choker:

"Huginn ok Muninn" torc -SOLD-

Creational cravings

Wednesday 2 July 2014

How's it going?

I love custom orders because I see them like small creative challenges (Will I be able to...?)
But I can't lie: what I really love it's to let loose to my inner nutcase and play Frankenstein with all the pieces I have like a little girl with her new crayons in front of a huge white wall.

Yesterday, at last, I got on the impulsive invention bandwagon... Well, it was time to move around at my pleasure! >_<

And here you have the outcome: the "Arianrhod" torc-bracelet.

"Arianrhod" torc-bracelet -SOLD-

Arianrhod was a celtic goddess that represented femenine potential, rebirth, seasonal wheel and time. Her name means "silver circle"... Just great, right? ;)