Another round of custom orders

Wednesday 12 August 2015

How's it going?

There are two kind of pieces in Ooak Craft: those entirely created as I please, and custom orders.

Custom orders are ideas arisen from your minds that pass through my hands and become in unique pieces that only exist thanks to the both sides: you plant the seed and I try to grow it up my best :)

I've had a lot of orders through the years... First was from a workmate; later I did custom orders for friends, relatives, fellow artisans, even for Victoria Francés!

But there's still lots of custom pieces that I haven't showed you yet...

"Tarot card" earrings for Frederique Philie this Tarot cards earrings Frederique commissioned me to gift her mother in her birthday ^^

Frederique thought at the last moment it would be cool to add some peridot beads to the earrings (peridot is the birthstone of her mother) in order to give them a personal touch... And she got it right, because design was improved ;)

"Calaveras" bracelet for Epi

Or Epi, who saw a small silvered skull in one of my creations and thought it would be great put together a bunch of those skulls to make a bracelet... Well, he was right!

But not all the custom orders are made from scratch: a lot of them are variations from already existing pieces...

"Point of view" mini-earring for Mari

Like Mari custom order, for instance, who used to like my "Point of view" earrings but wanted a smaller eye in stud clasps because she thought it would suit better her personal style...

Voilà. Even creepier than the originals!

"Luna" circlet in bronze tone for Orca Adore

Or my Etsy customer Orca Adore, who prefered my "Luna" circlet in bronze instead of silvered tone...

"Goddess" necklace for Amparo Blay

Or Amparo, who left wanting my "Goddess" leather belt was a necklace XD

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