The Triple Goddess who dwells within me

Thursday, 25 June 2015

How's it going?

Yesterday I showed you the preview from a very special new piece: the recycled leather belt "Goddess".

Recycled leather belt "Goddess" -SOLD-

And I say it's special for several reasons: first of all, because it's my first "serious" leather piece. It may seem silly, but I haven't realized how little I knew about how to work leather until I made "Goddess" belt...

Those who know me know I'm self-taught; I haven't taken any classes, I haven't studied about it. I investigate, I test and I learn from my mistakes, and working the leather properly was a pending issue not yet concluded but upgraded at least two levels ;)

On the other hand, "Goddess" is a recycled leather piece.

That means I used leather discards (Argan oil treated to give a little shine) and an old unusable Balenciaga belt in its manufacturing.

"Goddess" has two pieces (a rear simple belt and a front piece adorned with a silvered triple moon) that fasten to the sides by black cotton ribbon topped with black fringes.

May the light, love and wisdom will endure in my day to day
 allowing me to always feel the Triple Goddess who dwells within me.

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