The "Luna" circlet

Wednesday 22 July 2015

How's it going?

Today I realized I still haven't talked you about one of my most requested creations to date, the "Luna" circlet:

"Luna" circlet -SOLD-

Since the beginning, my will was to create ooakcrafts, unrepeatable and unique pieces with its own personality. However, after a few months I understood this was something partially impossible...

That's because if a design works (when several people ask you for "that beautiful hair comb" or "that circlet you already sold") it's very difficult just make only one piece.

That's the case of my "Luna" circlet, that it's always available by popular demand on my Etsy shop, as it happened with my "Moon Deer" hair comb or my "Pata de cuervo" earrings.

The circlet itself has a very simple design (a silvered half-moon as a centerpiece and chains adorned by small beads); is its meaning and its multiple interpretations what can be given which turns it into a special piece... 

"The moon, in addition to our satellite, has always been a focus at night, and all the cultures that have inhabited the Earth have always given it the category of deity, blaming or worshiping its influence on humans, the Earth itself, or the creatures that inhabit it. 

Their cycles last 28 days, like the menstrual period of women, which made it had a great worship in fertility cults in antiquity. In almost every culture it has been given a female character, and many others some dark or antagonist to the Sun component. 

By its effects on canines and many animals, it's also credited with the power of change within the anthropomorphic beasts like the wolf man, while it was always awarded an esoteric side when performing covens and invocations in full moon. "

¿What means the Moon for you?

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