Wednesday 25 November 2015

How's it going?

I like to recycle.
I mentioned it the day I inaugurated this blog and I'm still thinking the same!

Until now and always I was able, I've recycled broken or discarded costume jewelry pieces, leather scraps and many other "useless" materials, transforming them into new and original ooakcrafts like my "Hardware" necklace, the "Goddess" belt or this "Noche" set.

This time I've taken another step and I've set myself to reuse circuits, optical readers, led lights, chips and all kinds of electronic waste in order to create the industrial style cyber-recycled costume jewelry collection...

// CYCLE 2.0 //

CYCLE 2.0 // JrG15-01 ring
CYCLE 2.0 // JrG15-01 ring -SOLD-

Upcycled/recycled electronic parts of a DVD reader on an adjustable silvered filigree ring base.
Decorated with an ocher acrylic oval. Original design from Ooak Craft.

Size: 3cm. (length) x 2,30cm. (width)

CYCLE 2.0 // JrG15-02 necklace
CYCLE 2.0 // JrG15-02 necklace -UNAVAILABLE-

Upcycled/recycled LED lights and watch small parts in a little bottle necklace.
Decorated with silvered charms with engraved waves. Original design from Ooak Craft.

Size (connector and bottle): 6cm. (length) x 3,20cm. (width)
Girth of necklace: 44cm. (An extension chain can be added.)

CYCLE 2.0 // JrG15-03 earrings
CYCLE 2.0 // JrG-03 earrings -SOLD-

Upcycled small motors from an old DVD reader earrings.
Irregular length. Decorated with recycled copper wire. Original design from Ooak Craft.

Approx. length: 4,50 cm. (long one) + 3,50 cm. (short one)

A special appreciation mention for my father,
who inspired this electro-recycled collection
when he shared with me a relaxing evening
of disassembly of various electronic devices ;)

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