Thursday 21 August 2014

How's it going?

Take a good look at the title of this post... What? No, I'm not out of my head yet
It's only a play on words: what's the opposite to "traditional"? "Lanoitidart"! >_<

You know how I like unusual and original creations... So when someone says "I love duck-billed platypus!" or "I want a Cthulhu on my wedding", it's virtually impossible to me to stop gears of imagination (that and some tea and sweets, pfff! I keep on going for a while!)

The design for this special commision, for instance, was showered by cinnamon tea and chocolate pie:

"Steampunkthuloide" choker for Yolanda Murcielagosa -OUT OF STOCK-
"Steampunkthuloide" earrings for Yolanda Murcielagosa -OUT OF STOCK-

I thought up this earrings, choker and diadem set for the wedding of my friend Yolanda Murcielagosa, and also a male braided leather necklace with the same steampunkthuloid motif for her boyfriend (now husband) Rawl Draw:

"Steampunkthuloide" diadem for Yolanda Murcielagosa -OUT OF STOCK-
"Steampunkthuloide" necklace for Rawl Draw -OUT OF STOCK-

You shoul have seen how great they looked! And it could not be otherwise, because you know the more sugar...


I gave as a gift this other set to my sister B~Tenshi for her birthday:
"Platypus" set for B~Tenshi -OUT OF STOCK-

Quite so, duck-billed platypus! Aren't they cool? ^^

Duck-billed platypus must be my sister's second favorite animal, because first is with no doubt the cat... But as she has a lot of kitty jewelry (including the frankensteined version of this necklace I gave her past year), this time I decided to raise the standards and be a little more "lanoitidart" ;)

I gave her this grumpy cat handbag, too...

...but that is another story and shall be told another time.

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