Lady of the Lake

Wednesday 13 August 2014

How's it going?

Today's piece it's inspired in one of those "myths and legends" we've all ever heard of: the Lady of the Lake.

"Lady of the Lake" necklace -SOLD-

According to Arthurian legend, this magical woman or fairy with long golden hair dressed in white who lived in a palace beneath the waters was the one who gave Excalibur to Arthur who later picked it when it was thrown into the lake by the knight of the Round Table Sir Bedevere:

...and then he hurled it into the lake as deep and as far from him as he could, and as it fell near the water, he saw a hand come out of the lake which revealed itself up to the elbow, but he saw nothing of the body to which it belonged; the hand seized the sword by the hilt and brandished it in the air three times, and then vanished away the hand with the sword in the water..."

-Thomas Malory

In another story versions, the Lady of the Lake is the Merlin's lover, from whom she learn magical arts. Later, taking advantage of the intense love the magician feels for her, she traps him for always using the acquired skills. Merlin couldn't avoid it although he already knew his fate, such was the power the Lady had over him.

Nimue, Niniane o Vivianne were said to be her true name, although the Lady of the Lake Arthurian character probably has its origin in Coventina, the Celtic goddess of fresh waters and springs.

Pieces of great value like jewels, coins, bronzes or weapons were offered to this pagan goddess, depicted waving a waterlily leaf in one hand and resting on her other arm on a pitcher of flowing water.

"Lady of the Lake", "Cabals - Magic & Battle cards" game picture

So... how far does the story go? Where the legend begins?
I'll leave the answer up to you ;)

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