Newest creations, vol.17

Friday, 3 October 2014

How's it going?

Maybe because the middle-constipated that I have for at least a week and a half or because the change of season that confuse me, this week it's being so hard to create and much more sit down and write...

So,for a change, today's will be a short post, like those who drops in here once in a while ;)

Despite all, I have something to show you: the "MabTorc" slight torc.

"MabTorc" slight torc -SOLD-

A 'slight torc'? What does that means?, you might be wondering...
Well, it's a self-invention! Yes, sometimes I rave and have curious ideas >_<

A 'slight torc' basically it's a reduced to the minimum torc: it retains its main features (horseshoe shape, twisted steel, ornamental stops), but conversely it's flexible, not rigid, and slightly thinner, not smaller.

This is to say, a sort of 'torclet' for everyday...
That's why I named it "MabTorc", or "Torc son" in Welsh ;)

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