Friday 31 October 2014

How's it going?

You don't know how much I like untimely things, or better said, how little I like to being imposed about the issues to talk in my posts when some 'special dates' approach.

Reaching October's end you can take a look at cyberspace and get tired of seeing articles about pumpkins, skeletons, witches, vampires, ghosts, spiders and all kind of assorted horrors, many of them sweetened by red cheeks and namby-pamby expressions...

I'm not saying I don't enjoy Halloween or I don't like assorted horrors (we bought some fang-shaped sweets just yesterday), I'm saying I don't want to force me to write about it just because the rest of world does it or just because "that's what its supposed to be done".

For this reason, and even at the risk of seem dead boring, this posts isn't going to talk about this 'party', but about an ooak that it's nothing to do with it: natural ivy bookmarks.

"Hiedra" bookmarks -SOLD-

I used plastified leaves on my "Cymbalaria" earrings, but this time I decided to transform them in bookmarks... paper book bookmarks.

At this point, I take the opportunity to reiterate my love for paper books: though I don't deny the convenience of e-books, who has not felt a chill when opening a newly purchased book? Who hasn't breathed its scent deeply, or has taken a brief look at the last page? Ah, small electro-inimitable pleasures!

Back to real life, the "Hiedra" bookmarks for paper books have plastified natural ivy leaves adorned by multiple satin ribbons and crystal beads.

There're only this four you can see... Arguably they are unique,
as unique are the leaves they're made of!

By the way, the book on the pictures ('Wit'ch Fire', by James Clemens) it's the first volume of my favourite epic fantasy series, and not just because the protagonist is called Elena...

I love it because protagonists aren't the typical blessed heroes but quite the opposite: they areoutlaws, outcasts, misunderstood, characters that evolve with the environment and the situation... I recommend it! ;)

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