Creational cravings

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How's it going?

I love custom orders because I see them like small creative challenges (Will I be able to...?)
But I can't lie: what I really love it's to let loose to my inner nutcase and play Frankenstein with all the pieces I have like a little girl with her new crayons in front of a huge white wall.

Yesterday, at last, I got on the impulsive invention bandwagon... Well, it was time to move around at my pleasure! >_<

And here you have the outcome: the "Arianrhod" torc-bracelet.

"Arianrhod" torc-bracelet -SOLD-

Arianrhod was a celtic goddess that represented femenine potential, rebirth, seasonal wheel and time. Her name means "silver circle"... Just great, right? ;)

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