Deep protection

Thursday 24 July 2014

How's it going?

These days, after passing the stand of the Undead dark club, I've dedicated myself to mend my messy work corner. And I say "messy" not because it's damaged, but because it seems that it has been destroyed by a sharknado: pieces around, commissions there, beads, sketches, half finished ooaks...

Like it's impossible no one clarifies this way, I leave you here a strange design to keep you busy decrypting it while I put this mess in order: the "Elder One" necklace.

"Elder One" necklace -SOLD-

"Elder One" is a copper fine chain necklace with an openable medallion.
Through the front glass you can distinguish the crouching figure of Cthulhu...

...while through the back glass you can see three marine stones
from the darkest ocean depths collected on a sunny beach.

The biggest of them is marked with the Innsmouth arcane symbol,
an emblem that protects who carries it against attacks from the Deep Ones.

Or so they say, because...

...who would dare to check?

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